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Full Immersion Language Courses Abroad

Welcome to Cultura Lingua International!

We specialise in delivering high quality, personalised language and cultural programs in unique parts of the world.

Our mission is to assist you find the best possible course and accommodation options at the best price, in the chosen country, location and/or region of your choice.

Our programs deliver efficient and quick results for young learners, students, adults, and professionals.

Our intensive language courses are the best way to help you improve your language performance. Our programs adapt to your pace, your language ability and provide fast and effective results.

The benefits of our immersion language courses are endless

  • Start any Monday year-round (according to availability)
  • All language levels from Beginner to Advanced
  • One week minimum
  • Age range from 14 to 90!
  • Any specific objectives from standard to specialised courses

Your fully trained and experienced teachers will use pragmatic and user-friendly techniques that provide tangible and lasting results whether you are focusing on exam preparation (e.g. High School, University, IELTS, TOEIC), professional communication or daily conversation.

We believe consistency is essential and the best way to do this is to learn, speak, hear, and “embody” the language you study on a daily basis.

Our language programs are well-balanced between study time, exposure to the local culture and optionally your participation to cultural activities. You are given the opportunity to study a language in a relaxed environment while experiencing the rich cultural diversity of the country.

We invite you to learn more about our Training Curriculum & Teaching Philosophy.

We teach 11 languages on 3 continents

The languages we teach are the world’s most spoken European languages including Spanish, English, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, and Russian. The Asian languages that we teach are Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, and Indonesian.

Our courses are well structured, fun and relaxed, making the perfect cultural holiday.

They are a minimum of one week and offered all year round in over 70 destinations… giving you almost unlimited possibilities!

Why study with us?

It’s for everyone

Our language study programs abroad are for individuals, couples, friends or families. They’re ideal for anyone who wishes to study a language in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Our language courses fast-track your way to language competency. They are the perfect choice for people who travel, work or study abroad and for those who simply wish to have a fun and enriching language holiday.

Our immersion language programs are for people who wish to learn a foreign language quickly.

They work perfectly for Young Learners, University Students, Adults, Teachers, Professionals, Interpreters/Translators, and Diplomats.

Our courses are for BEGINNER to ADVANCED levels and cater to general language studies, everyday conversation, exam preparation, technical terminology and specific personal objectives.

Effective tuition

Our teachers use didactic methods that are active, varied, and adapted to your learning ability and your pace.

They also add lots of ludic and activities to create a more practical and communicative approach.  Such activities include role plays, authentic documents, audio/video listening, games, cultural and geopolitical topics.

The main objective is to make the language come alive in you. In this way you can fully embody the culture and language of your choice.

The inability to speak your own language forces your brain to create new pathways to develop and understand new sounds and verbalise what you need to say.
Repetition creates automatism and is key to lasting habits.

As you repeat these actions consistently every day, you build confidence with ease and the knowledge you acquire then becomes second nature.

You save and gain

The benefits of our language programs are substantial because:

  • You learn more and achieve more when in a relaxed environment.  You save considerable amounts of time and money by maximising your learning experience.
  • Your teacher assesses your needs which adapts to your pace and ability, guaranteeing fast and solid progression.
  • Our courses start on a Monday which provides great flexibility to those who only have set dates or limited time to travel.
  • You learn and live immersed in a culture. So it gives you an authentic experience of the traditions, history, arts, local gastronomy, current affairs, and politics.
  • Your full immersion gives you a real opportunity to socialise with the locals and practice your oral skills.

Language & culture

One cannot go without the other!

Knowing other languages is fundamental to meaningfully communicating with foreigners and encouraging cultural exchange and appreciation.

We believe the cultures and languages of the world are “the fruits of the earth” with myriads of different textures, shapes, colours, and flavours!

The cultural heritage of each country or community is often complex and easier to understand if we’re totally immersed.

We aim to go beyond the ordinary tourist experience by offering you the opportunity to have authentic cross-cultural interactions with the people of the culture.

We believe these new experiences can inspire you, broaden your horizons, give you priceless memories, and most importantly enrich you intellectually and emotionally.

Read our testimonials

I’ was offered a 2 year contract in China so I had to improve my Chinese in a very short space of time. I spent 2 weeks in Chengde with my Chinese teacher and her family.
I wanted to experience the real China and that’s exactly what I got. My teacher was fun, very considerate, patient, and her family very welcoming. So happy with the rapid progress I’ve made! Living with a Chinese family and speaking Chinese all day was challenging at times but a fantastic experience. One week wouldn’t have been enough and two weeks made a real difference. I’m far from being fluent but I now feel confident when I communicate with Chinese people. Great experience. Highly recommend it.

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