Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019

Our Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019 guide is for those of you planning a holiday or a Chinese language course in China’s largest city so you don’t miss a thing!

There’s so much to see and do in Shanghai (Shàng Hǎi) this August. The sun is shining so hit the streets in Shanghai and explore the futuristic Lujiazui skyline, shimmering temples and peaceful gardens.
Here we go…

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019

The Shanghai Museum – Throughout August

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019 Explore 10,000 years of Chinese history at the Shanghai Museum, from Ming furniture to Tang calligraphy. The four storey building is designed in the shape of an ancient bronze cooking vessel called a ding. Late summer openings mean you can take in lectures and film screenings into the evening.
Where: Huangpu district
For more information visit: Shanghai Museum

Les Choristes – 8-18 August

Head to The Shanghai Grand Theatre to catch the spellbinding and uplifting musical Les Choristes in August, the stage adaptation of the 1945 film A Cage of Nightingales, which was nominated for two Oscars in 2005.
Where: Shanghai Grand Theatre
For more information visit: Musical les Choristes Mandarin Shanghai

Channel Orange – until 17 August

The bold and engaging works of Xavier Veilhan and Izumi Kato are contrasted in this cutting-edge space. Veilhan explores human and animal statues while Kato exhibits his new paintings, drawings, sculptures and fabric installations.
Where: Perrotin Gallery
For more information visit: Exhibition Xavier Veilhan

Tatsuo Miyajima: Being Coming – until 18 August

A showcase of contemporary Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima work since the 1980s, it is packed with his signature meditative and philosophical LED light installations.
Where: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
For more information visit: Tatsuo Miyajima

Summer Dream Exhibition – until 22 August

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019
Take in two artists’ modern representations of beauty in ancient China. Wang Qifeng’s soft and dreamlike ink-wash brush strokes reflect nature while Yan Xiaoqian’s inspiration comes from China’s earliest poems.
Where: Noeli Gallery
For more information visit: Summer Dream Exhibition

A Leaf In The Storm: A Dance Drama By Beijing Dance Theater – Fri 23 August

Watch the Beijing Dance Theater perform this adaptation of the novel by the same name. It’s a moving tale of war-torn China during the second Sino-Japanese war.
Where: Daning Theatre
For more information visit: A leaf in the storm

Snow Patrol Acoustic Live – 23 & 24 August

Catch indie pioneers Snow Patrol on the Asia leg of their world tour and sing along to all the classics from their 24-year career.
Where: Bandai Namco Shanghai Base Dream Hall
For more information visit: Snow Patrol

From 3200 to 0 & 32 Chapters – 27 August

This two-part Chinese contemporary dance performance looks at twin themes. Firstly, Tibetan identity from choreographer Zhaxi Wangjia and next, from choreographer Wen Xiaochao, how life can be like a book with its many stories as chapters.
Where: Shanghai International Dance Centre
For more information visit: From 3200 to 0 & 32 chapters

Daniel Arsham: Perpetual Present – until 24 September

Experience the New York-based artist Daniel Arsham first exhibition in China. He explores what he calls his ‘concepts of fictional archeology’ that immerses the viewer in his surreal spaces.
Where: HOW Art Museum
For more information visit: Daniel Arsham

Vintage Jeep Architecture Tour – throughout August

Whiz round the city streets in a vintage Jeep taking in the modern architectural gems of the city – from its Art Deco icons to the legend behind the Nine Dragon Pillar – and enjoy a few cold beers along the way too.
Where: Pick-up is at the Bitter Cafe, Wuyuan Road
For more information visit: Vintage Jeep Modern Architecture

Old Shanghai Food Tours – throughout August – Take a tour in Shanghai with locals!

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019 Uncover traditional Shanghainese cuisine as you walk through the laneways of old Shanghai. Taste authentic Sheng Jian Bao and Xiao Long Bao and – if you’re feeling brave enough – the stir-fried bull-frog which is a local delicacy. Definitely a yummy tour!
Where: Starts at People’s Square
For more information visit: Shanghai Food Tours

Learn Chinese in China

If you are travelling in China and willing to combine an exciting holiday with the study of Chinese, Cultura Lingua International offers some very effective Chinese immersion courses in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengde as well as in Taipei, Taiwan. you may find out more here: Learn Chinese in China

Cultural Events in Shanghai in August 2019 was compiled for you by Alison Forby.

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