English Courses in Britan

Study English in Britain

If you wish to study English fast and effectively then look no further. Cultura Lingua International offers a wide range of private English Courses in Britain to suit everybody’s needs.

Effective English courses and full immersion at the teacher’s home

Our English courses in Britain are totally personalised and taught in a relaxed and convivial way. They take place in very attractive regions of Britain which epitomize the diversity, the beauty and character of the traditional British culture.

Our English courses guarantee substantial results in a very short time. They are designed for young learners, students, professionals, adults, and families.

Our English teachers adapt the course program to your specific needs, to your language ability and pace. Our English courses at the Teacher’s House help you improve your English skills while surrounded by native speakers.

Britain has been described as a “cultural superpower”, and London as a world cultural capital. Studying English in Britain is a great opportunity to experience an immense cultural heritage.

Britain’s arts, fashion, architecture, music, traditions, politics are strongly influenced by its long history and regional diversity.
Today, British culture has a significant influence on the cultural practices of many countries across the globe.

Select any of our destinations below and explore our English courses in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Year-round English courses in Britain

  • General English studies from beginner to advanced level
  • Exam preparation courses (IELTS, Cambridge Certificates, TOEFL, TOEIC)
  • Business English
  • Specific English training for interpreters and translators
  • Teachers of English refresher course
  • English for families
  • English and culture
  • Learn to speak English – basic knowledge for every day situation

Tailor-made programs including

  • Private intensive English language courses for young learners, students, adults, and professionals.
  • Programs tailor-made for individuals, couples, and families.
  • Comfortable accommodation at the teacher’s house or alternative accommodation. (e.g. country house – on demand)
  • Rich and diverse after class sociocultural activities according to your level in English and personal interests.
  • 1 week stay minimum.

Native, fully trained and experienced English Teachers

All our teachers are fully qualified to teach English to foreign learners and have an excellent knowledge of the British culture and civilisation.

Many of them speak several languages and therefore relate easily to different cultures.
Their love for teaching English and for sharing their knowledge about the British culture is contagious.

You are guaranteed lively and effective lessons with a focus on all language skills (writing, listening, reading, speaking, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation).

Our English teachers design their programs with a communicative approach that allows you to make fast progress and develop a solid functional competence.

English courses for families, individuals and couples

You can share the entire program with your spouse, a friend, a member of your family or a child and reduce considerably its cost.

Some of our English teachers can accommodate 2 people simultaneously and create a “duo course” or a special program for families.

Our “English in Britain” family program combines courses for both adults and children, sometimes just one parent and a child, enabling every member of the family to come to Britain together to live a memorable holiday experience.

For more than 2 participants, please enquire about the type of course, accommodation, and cultural activities you wish us to create for you.