Learn Spanish in Peru

Our Spanish immersion program in Peru

Our Spanish courses in Peru are perfectly tailor-made to your language skills and objectives.

Our immersion program takes place in Cusco. This “gateway to Machu Picchu” gives you a unique opportunity to learn numerous aspects of the Peruvian and Inca cultures, customs, and spirituality.

Welcome to Peru, the oldest civilisation in the Americas

La República del Perú has a population estimated at 32 million. It is bordered by Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile as well as by the Pacific Ocean with a coastline stretching for about 2,500 km.

Peru has an extraordinary history dating to approximately 9,000 BC according to scholars.

Peru is one of the world’s fastest growing economies with a low inflation and unemployment rate.

The country has diverse climates ranging from coastal moderate temperatures, dry deserts, lush and humid tropical regions, to cold weather in the Andes.

Learn Spanish and experience the beautiful Quechua culture

Visiting Peru can be a powerful and rewarding spiritual, cultural and emotional adventure.
Its natural wonders, breathtaking Andean landscapes, powerful spiritual energy, and the kindness of its people seduce all its visitors.

Our Spanish courses in Peru are very affordable and available all year round.
They offer a great opportunity to learn, improve or perfect your Spanish whilst enjoying a rich and memorable cultural experience.

Year-round Spanish courses in Peru

  • Private intensive Spanish language courses to adults and professionals.
  • Programmes tailor-made for individuals and couples (or 2 friends with a similar level in Spanish).
  • Comfortable host family accommodation or alternative accommodation (e.g. self-contained apartment, hotel)
  • Original and diverse after class socio-cultural activities according to your level in Spanish and personal interests
  • 1 week stay minimum

Tailor-made programs including

  • General Spanish studies from Beginner to Advanced Level
  • Spanish exams preparation (DELE, SIELE,…)
  • Spanish for business
  • Spanish and culture
  • Spanish for every day situation

Native, qualified and experienced Spanish Teachers

All our teachers are fully qualified to teach Spanish to foreign learners and have an excellent knowledge of the Peruvian culture and civilisation.

All of them speak English and relate easily to different cultures. Their enthusiasm for teaching Spanish and for sharing their knowledge about the Peruvian culture and civilisation is contagious.

You are guaranteed lively and effective lessons. A strong focus is put on all language skills including written and oral expression and pronunciation.

Whatever your language objectives, our teachers design their course programmes with a communicative approach that enables you to make fast and solid progress.

Spanish courses for individuals and couples

You can share the entire programme with your spouse, a friend, or a member of your family and reduce considerably its cost. Please note the Two-to-One course is for participants with a similar level in Spanish only.

Some of our host families can accommodate 2 people simultaneously, and provide one double room or two separate rooms.

For more than 2 participants, please enquire about the type of course, accommodation, and cultural activities you wish us to create for you.