Why learning a new language will benefit your career

Why learning a new language can benefit your career

Following a survey conducted by the British Chamber of Commerce, over 60% of companies that want to do business in or with a foreign country don’t have enough multilingual staff.

So Why learning a new language can benefit your career… and improve your Self?

For any potential employer, being able to speak a foreign language and know about cross-cultural communication naturally makes you an attractive candidate. So it seems obvious that in today’s world learning additional languages lead to success.

The ability to communicate in multiple languages does make a resume look very impressive. If you have good command of one or several foreign languages, your chances for scoring an interview for a job is significantly higher than for someone who only speaks one language.

We live in a global economy where many companies do business with clients from all parts of the world. As you list more languages down on your resume, you become more relevant in the eyes of top employers. They will send their recruiters to knock on your door (or LinkedIn profile) in no time. Remember, mastering a foreign language can be crucial in many sectors. It can be a position in an international company, in the catering and tourism industry. Or simply in any field where you need to deal with foreign tourists or customers. Learning a foreign language [and culture] is by far one of the most valuable traits you can possess. Here are a few reasons why you should finally sign up for those Spanish or French, or Japanese or Chinese lessons that you’ve been putting off!

Standing out in a competitive job market

There is a lot of competition when it comes to applying for jobs. The more unique skills you have on your resume, the better your chances are to get called for an interview. If your education and experience match with another candidate’s, the hiring manager may choose you over them if you master more than one language. This is because many companies, small and large, have clients in other countries and prefer hiring staff members who can communicate with the client in their respective language to build rapport.

Improve your memory

Learning another language can help you improve your memory because it exercises the brain. You will always be tested on your ability to remember and recollect information in order to become fluent in another language. This also requires you to organize your thoughts better and think as quickly as possible. Your brain will get a very healthy workout at the brain gym as you keep practicing your new language skills consistently. According to The New York Times, “The collective evidence from a number of studies suggests that the bilingual experience improves the brain’s so-called executive function“. That is to say a command system which directs the attention processes that we use for performing various tasks, planning, and solving various problems.

Become a multitasker

Multitasking can be very challenging for a lot of people. We tend to focus a lot of perfectionism and prefer doing each task carefully at a time to avoid mistakes. People who are multilingual can switch their thoughts between one language to another. This makes it easier for them to use that same skill to juggle multiple projects at work. They also cope with meeting stressful deadlines more efficiently. If that doesn’t impress your boss, nothing else will.

Become a better decision maker

We generally think and analyse more reasonably when we make decisions in a foreign language. This is because we distance ourselves from all the biases and emotional responses in our native tongue. Thinking in another language feels less personal and we become more rational. Especially if we are under a lot of pressure. Our decisions become clearer and systematic based on facts, rather than on our personal emotions.

Build better relationships

The most popular languages that are important for a lot of businesses today are Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish. This is because many of their clients are based in cities such as Madrid, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Taipei, and Tokyo. Due to their strong economic appeal, multinationals often expand their operations to these locations and open separate branches. If you can communicate in any of these languages, you could get the opportunity to relocate to one of your company’s overseas branches. This gives you a chance to travel and experience a new culture while successfully building rapport with clients and vendors. Being able to relocate for a company’s benefit will make you a very valuable employee. Companies prefer employing someone who is well versed in other languages and cultures. The reason is simple. You will operate their business abroad with more ease.

Boost more confidence

Imagine how good it would feel if you had to do a presentation for a client from China and you surprised them by conducting the meeting in Mandarin. They would be very impressed and touched by your gesture to make them feel more comfortable. Those who can speak different languages tend to have more confidence. This is because they have already gone through all the embarrassing moments while practicing and are used to putting themselves out there. Practicing a new language pushes a person out of their comfort zone. But it’s all worth it when they feel that sense of accomplishment by impressing those Chinese clients during that meeting.

Become more creative

Learning a new language engages you to get creative and search for an alternative word to express yourself if you ever get stuck. This way, you can start experimenting with different words and phrases and become accustomed to thinking outside the box. Having this skill is very important in the workplace. You’ll become more proficient in dealing with complex problems and think of alternative solutions much faster than a lot of other people.

We’ve listed only a few good reasons why learning a new language can benefit your career.
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